Free Online Learning Business Without Capital

Free Online Learning Business Without Capital - We have had countless bloggers who create blogs for commercial motivation. Unfortunately, so many of these bloggers who are not familiar with what they do. So this time I want to discuss a little bit to learn the basic concepts of business online.

Online business is any activity intended to reap revenue from the virtual world. Of course the best is a free business without capital. It's just that there really is not a business like that. At least you need operational costs .... I mean the cost online.

There are many different online businesses today, but only one basic rule that traffic. What is the traffic? Traffic is the number of people who will come to visit your blog every day. Actually there are many ways to organize traffic, but if you talk business online then you need to know two different types of traffic.

Online business is no different than real-world businesses. You need a lot of potential buyers to turn your activities into money. It's not easy to make money over the internet so we'd better re-setting your mindset first before learning free online business without capital is.

Setting Online Business Mindset Brother

Many bloggers look so naive. They think by making a blog these days the money will come next month. Remember that a blog is not money, but the people who visit the blog. It's just that it took quite long until people began bustling visiting your blog.

Now let's say you are a farmer, who wanted to "raise" a blog. Do not rush forward to your blog soon produce. Ambulatory "cattle" this carefully until you are big. Thus you will have a blog selling and start bringing money into your pocket.

Lots of bloggers are "offered" his blog in ages prematurely. It's like offering young cattle market of sacrificial animals .... Does anyone want to buy your goat if the goat was still too small? You offer a bargain price even not sell, because that's not what people are looking at that.

Bloggers who wants instant may be disappointed, because this is not a money that can be built overnight. If you really want to create a blog for your online business, you have to think like a farmer or a farmer who knows when it's time to reap the rewards of his labor today.

How is "fattening" Blog Your Online Business?

Just look at breeders who care for goat or whatever it is. They provide food, water and medical care to pets. Here you also need 3 things to fatten your blog. These three things are:
1. article Qualified
2. Backlink
3. HTML structure Care Blog

Why do the above three things are important to you are building a website / blog for online business? I'll try to explain a little bit the role of the three things above.

The important role of content: # 2 Increase Sales Opportunities

Free Online Learning Business Without Capital
Language is a cool blog conversion. Now let's say there are two different stalls, the first just selling various brands of instant noodles, while the latter sells a wide variety of products. Suppose there are 100 visitors came to the first stall, of the 100 men who are looking for instant noodles only 3 people, while 97 others did not find what they are looking for.

Then 100 people are moving into the second stall. Almost all of them find the items they're looking for, so there are 76 people who shop at both stores. Of these two cases, we can see that the number of visitors together 100 people, but the conversion value obtained is much better the second stall from the first stall.

Sometimes very confused as well when I find a blog that is built for online business but his article was very little, or less variable. Although you are very specific business artkel make you become very varied in terms of the specifics.

Backlink Important Role For Online Business

reputasi karena backlink
When we learned about online business, we need to know why traffic from Google called the best traffic. Visitors from Google that as people come to shop to a market. They are consciously looking for what we offer when you type in the Google search. In contrast, if you offer to others through advertisements or facebook, and others. It was no different with the salesman.

Of course we do not need to explain here how big the difference between the selling opportunities for sales in the market by being a salesman. Much more fun to be a "seller" in the market rather than the "salesman" that mobile offers. Not to discredit friends who make a living as a salesman, ... friends actually own the salesman knows how much challenge to the profession that consumers pick up the ball.

If you wish shanties merchandise online business you create salable Google, then you have to convince Google how "bermutunya" your bid. One of the most widely used indicator is the number of backlinks Google. The more backlinks to your blog, the more Google users will be delivered to your blog.

HTML structure Care blog

Be careful when installing anything on your blog. Although the blog has been running smoothly, if either install a gadget or link that is not favored search engine robots, the blog ranking can suddenly drop. Google does not like iframes or links leading to service review. Do not attempt to install it if you do not want to bite the finger, and halting further optimization.

So that's the reason why the content, backlinks, and HTML structure maintenance is important to fatten your blog.
Well that last article Free Online Learning Business Without Capital. May be useful for everyone. thanks

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