5 Reasons Search Engine Optimization Can Fail

Reasons Search Engine Optimization Can Fail
5 Reasons Search Engine Optimization Can Fail - In the two months I get a few comments from friends blogger. Some say that they managed to achieve improvements in SEO blog, and of course that failed also. So if something fails, and nothing worked it was not fate alone. It was about work and who do it better.

So I tried to make this article to show friends a few things that make blogger friends failed to perform optimization SEO blog.

SEO Fail Factor 1: One Farm, One Hope ....

5 Reasons Search Engine Optimization Can Fail
Many blogger friends who chose the theme of which is very limited seeker. Themes such as these usually have weak competition, so technically certainly easier to master. But .... even if you have power on those keywords. Blog you still can not reach the level of crowd you expect.

How can a blog so crowded? Only two choices:
  • You look for a topic that many people are searching for and trying to master it (would be difficult)
  • You look for a topic that little quest, but you multiply the variations topic ....
So please select the topic that 1 x 200 or 20 x 10 topics .... the end result is the same. But if you insist just wanted to play in the topic of 1 x 10 visitors, then just accept the fact that your blog will never be quite crowded from search engines. To find out if you are playing in a field crowded or deserted, you should do keyword research ....

See how many monthly searches of keywords you target. For example, only 1,200 monthly searches, it means ... if you managed to win one, you will only get 600 visits per month or 20 visits per day .... So you have to multiply the keyword variations (short-term projects), or target a few keywords that are sought after by higher competition (long term project).

SEO Fail Factor 2: Do not Want to Learn Gradual

5 Reasons Search Engine Optimization Can Fail
This blog was deliberately made ​​to give a tutorial to learn SEO is gradually , so that you have a solid foundation to enter the next stage. What is the result if it does not build gradually SEO? For example, many bloggers say I've been looking for a lot of backlinks, but still did not get in my blog page, but have fallen ....

After I check the blog turns onpage optimization factors blogs still "virgin" or untouched. Why let the optimization Offpage you become many times more difficult simply because it does not do onpage optimization correctly? If done correctly Onpage least Google will easily find the main emphasis on your web page.

As a blogger we should always be fully aware that we are not alone in cyberspace. Competitors were thousands upon thousands of them. So do not intentionally allow any weakness in your blog .... Perfect just not work let alone defects here and there.

SEO Fail Factor 3: Easy Panic

5 Reasons Search Engine Optimization Can Fail
Many bloggers are doing search engine optimization that works glared page Search Engine Result Page (SERP), aka the search results page. It works also monitor statistics blog. Once the position of the blog slipped a little from SERP she panicked .... "Gosh! Fall .... should be added that a lot of backlinks is" .... then tomorrow they fall again "Oh! ... Maybe the excessive I attach backlinks .... stop first add backlink ".... and so on.

When I tested your blog with Google dance (rank up and down) just calm skipper blog as well. If Google did follow dance and dance your optimization, you actually will sink further and further away .... It's like quicksand. To get out you have to move slowly and do not flounder .... Panicking will not improve your situation.

So the ranking would go up or down, just keep calm. If it's your rank down and your backlink is not natural, so it's good backlinks increase also reduced slightly. For example, ... If you increase backlinks usually 100 per day, ... try making just 90 or 80 per day. Let the graph is more reasonable.

So remember! The easier you panic, the more amateurs in SEO ....

Failure Factor 4: The target is Too Relaxed Boss ....

5 Reasons Search Engine Optimization Can Fail
Once there was a blogger who commented on this blog. "I've worked hard put 20-40 links a day, this last week and my blog continues to decline". You need to know, get 20 links a day is not hard work .... Ask how to master SEO backlink is a long-term program, and 20th day was normal.

If you say it's hard work, SEO master will not laugh at you because SEO master knows the difficulty of a beginner looking for backlinks. But they will probably shake their head because you've said it as hard work. If you say it's been hard work, it looks like that's where your limits.

As a beginner you should not only look for more backlinks .... But you should try to find a clever method for finding backlinks. Not that much better if the one-shot you can get thousands of backlinks? But remember, the only experience that will give you that skill. There is no master who will give you the secret to .... so realistic ....

Failure Factor 5: Competitor Monitor

5 Reasons Search Engine Optimization Can Fail
Suppose you obsessed with mastering a keyword. You have to see how your competitors dominate the field. Only by following the guidelines on this blog will not make you a champion if you do it in a less dose.

Let's just say the results of an investigation like this:
  • You install the dynamic heading, it turns out your competitors as well as
  • You put title and meta description, it turns out your competitors as well as
  • You follow your article writing is good and true, it is also your competitors do
  • You have a pagerank 0, it turns out your competitors have pagerank 3
  • The number of articles you there are 20, while the number of competitors you have any article 2000
  • Age blog 3 months
  • Minimum 3 years of your competitors blog
  • Reputation facebook like and Google Plus One blog your competitor over 1000 while you still nil
  • and much more ....

If you find the facts as above, immediately aware that you are pursuing tough competition keywords. Please make a choice whether you want to play hard and not mushy, or other keyword search first that its competitors do not "cruel" example above .... and do it with a more "relaxed".

So that 5 factors which I often make bloggers have failed in building a SEO blog. I hope this article does not make anyone offended, because I deliberately chose some rather harsh words for novice bloggers realize all that a blogger is tough. Never had a wonderful dream success in the blogosphere if his fighting spirit just 5 watts.

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