How to Conduct Keyword Research?

If you are serious about blogging and really hope to get a lot of visitors, then do keyword research is a must. This is one of several key elements in building a blog that many people look for. So let's see how to do keyword research to your blog.

This time I will make a case:
Think of your blog is a business blog that engages in selling the bag. Automatic main keywords of your blog is "selling bags". How well you manage to beat your new blog site that sells bags that are more senior in the virtual world?

If you intend to make your blog master keyword "bag sale" then this is a fatal mistake. Why? There are several reasons:
  • It is the commercial says so in general the new blog will not be able to
  • Fewer people are looking for stuff to use two words. On average, people who are intending to buy something using 4 words or more.
So let us first if the keyword "bag sale" it. Follow the following procedure:
  • Go to page Google Adwords External Keyword Tool
  • In the "word or phrase" enter keyword "bag sale"
  • Then click the "location and language" to change from "all" to Indonesia
  • After that click on "search" (more details see below)
Gambar 1: riset kata kunci dengan google external Keyword Tool
  • This page will show all the variations of keywords and their competition and the number of global and local search.
  • Try searching for a medium competition down. After that select the most quest. (See picture below)
Gambar 2: Memilih Kata Kunci hasil Riset
  • From the picture above you can see my two columns marked with blue and red. Blue shows the variation of the word "bag sale", while the red shows the keywords that we must try.
  • Tick ​​the option box, the keyword will be stored in the left sidebar page (see picture)
Gambar 3: Tersimpannya kata kunci yang anda pilih
  • Note that in addition to each keyword there is a small arrow, click the little arrow and select "Show And The Like This"
Gambar 4: Menambah variasi kata kunci yang diriset
  • This page will be back looking for variations in other words from your latest selection .... So the more you can mark (see picture below)
Gambar 5: Variasi kata kunci yang dipilih terus ditambah
  • Repeat this process until all you can mark different keywords 20-100
  • After that start to create 1 article for 1 keyword variations
  • My advice should create 1 article per day and each article includes more than 500 words.
  • For example, for the word "cheap branded bags" we can make the title of the article "Branded Handbags Sale Cheap The Beautiful" or "The Moderate Branded Bags Cheap Month Trend" or "Branded Bags Cheap But Not Cheap one". Try to make the title be about 5-8 words.
  • So what if you are keyword variations you Make the finished article? Make over again, and keep repeating .... Not for the keyword "cheap branded bags" above the existing three kinds of variation? Please find other variations. This is necessary because the algorithm Pandanya Google likes fresh article.
  • So please take an hour every day to create new, quality article , before you perform activities offpage optimization of your day.

So first article, hopefully can help my friend build a more vibrant blog ....

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