Find The Easy Money on the Internet with Google Analytic

Find The Easy Money on the Internet with Google Analytic

Previously I've written in this article to make money on the internet easier with SEO visitors from Google that it is easier to convert into customers or buyers. Why? Because since they opened Google, they are already looking for products that we offer. Stay how you are able to convince them to buy from you.
My sister has a blog pulse, every day there are 50 visitors. From the 50's it was about 5 applicants per day, so in a year there are about 1700 applicants. Of all the applicants it was only about 12.5% ​​of active (approximately 200 people). With an average of 10 sales per agent per day, that would be 2000 sales per day of all the agents.

My sister took advantage 30 dollars per sale, then my sister posted clappers Rp.60.000/hari or 1.8 million per month. Income is growing because this blog has entered its second year. Not bad for students like him. This is one example of activities to make money on the Internet which I think is quite real results.

There is an experimental method to increase the amount of purchase from this site or business selling online. With this experiment you can increase the benefits of the activity to make money on the internet that long or you just elaborated. So how do I do this experiment?

Experiments Find The Easy Money on the Internet with Google Analytic

First of all you should be able to read the data Google Analytic. If you do not register the website you are using to make money on the internet to Google Analytic, then you should follow the guidelines how to register Google Analytic . Later after you register soon learn how to use Google Analytic 's.

After you have done the above two steps, then please make the following experiment.
  1. Make some promotional page, for example, your business is business attire (fashion). Automatic on the home page of your website there are a number of offers, such as ladies blouses, ladies jeans, men's jeans, women's accessories, party wear, formal wear, women's shoes, men's shoes, handbags, hats, and so forth.
  2. Then all the different products should lead to a booking page.
  3. Let the structure of your website as it is for one month. Then you can open your Google Analytic account and view, which pages are most widely delivering visitors to the ordering page.
  4. Think of the top 10 pages that leads visitors to the ordering page is: Pink Party Bag, navy blue blouse, Manchester United Shirt, Black Hats embroidered, black shoes right 5 cm, safety shoes, jeans hot pants, glasses Sunrays, Bracelet carved dragon, bracelets and watch chains. If you already know that this is the top 10 sales, then immediately create 10 images of this product and put it in the sidebar.
  5. Thus you will make many more people could see the products you are selling from. It can really boost your sales, and make money from the internet search activity more so fortunately.
These tips are very simple, but somehow you have to make adjustments to your product. The case above is only an example of it ....

No need to do the tips above if you are still a little blog visitors. You better focus on first to get visitors to your blog. Perform onpage optimization, offpage optimization, and of course invite traffic from anywhere, such as facebook, twitter, and other promotional sites. Because after all the activities to make money on the internet it really depends on the number of visitors.
ok, that last article Find The Easy Money on the Internet with Google Analytic. if you have any questions, please ask in the comments that have been provided 

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