Tips to write a good article

Tips to write a good article
Tips to write a good article - Basically almost all blogging activity is to write, or how to string words into a sentence to paragraph readable and easy to understand. One article easy to read and easy to understand and relevant will always be remembered and liked by many people. This is one of the most important factors for a blogger to increase the number of visitors to their blogs. Not just me, even when you read an article disuatu blog that has a good speech, relevant, and easy to understand the intent of the piece, then we are interested in opening more pages in your blog, and it is not impossible for us to bookmark blog is a reference to visit again.

For most bloggers, kaedah write good articles often forgotten. So the relevance of what she wrote does not even make the readers confused typing at all intent and purpose of the writing. This will have a negative impact on a blog, in addition to many visitors will not be popular. Let us look at the blogs that have polpularitas on search engines, in addition to SEO factors, the popularity of blogs has always contain articles that have good writing structure, which is easy to understand and provide a solution or an update.

Just as I was when it started to create a blog, writing articles that I post too messy and visitors often comment on the lack berhasilannya in following tutorial blog article that I posted. But I did not stop there, I continued to explore the science and study of various sources how to write a good article so easy to understand and easy to read. Thus the writing of the article that I posted on the blog (tips-me) is to improve and much visited.

From that experience I wanted to share to my (tips-me) at the same time how to write a good article, so that you continue to blog flooded with visitors and is remembered by the reader as well as preferred. The following are tips to write a good article, which you can read and be a reference for you to fix the posts on the blog article There you have.

Tips to write a good article  

1. To be a good writer, many-many reading books. A writer, a reader must also diligent and persistent. The reason is simple: how can we produce a quality paper - in the areas of business and management, for example - if we almost never read books for months. Good writer billed to continue to produce ideas that are crisp and up to date. Well, the source of inspiration and ideas that can be arrested if we are lazy to read the book?

But the benefits of reading a book is not just to get a source of ideas and inspiration for writing materials. Diligent reading books - mainly books of quality - will educate our brains can also pour thoughts logically and systematically (exact arrangement of the book). Slowly this kind of process will make us trained to properly assemble sentence structure and readable.

Conversely, people who are not diligent reading will usually find it difficult to write a series of words well. The reason is simple: because rarely read, the brain becomes trained to construct a sentence with good structure. Written form, although only one pragraf often chaotic and not easily understood.

2. To produce good writing, try to always produce it in an easily digestible, coherently and with a number of concrete examples are easy to understand. illustrations in the form of examples, stories or stories that inspires is one of the elements that are necessary to develop a quality writing brilliant.

However, many people who for some reason, sometimes writing in a language that tells the complicated, long-winded and not easy to digest. Of course, this kind of writing will only make the reader difficult to read your posts.

But make no mistake: to write a coherent sentence, easy to digest and easy to read nor easy thing to do. It takes practice (practice) that kept recurring. And indeed exercise after exercise (eg by way of writing through blogs) will further hone our skills in writing.

3. Produces a distinct writing usually also requires "a unique writing style and character." Therefore, make sure that we also can have their own style that is quite unique. Here perhaps we can learn from the well-known writers, a way to buy the book

Whatever the style that we want to write, the important thing is to make our writing more relevant and easy to read. I'm really not comfortable if you have to read an article that is "dry" and monotony. That's why I sometimes try to show a little writing 'flicker', prosaic style, accompanied by an illustrative narrative examples. Also sometimes with a stomping provocative sentence.

So tips on writing a good article that I can hopefully useful. See also article on Essential Tips for Beginner Bloggers.

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