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I fadiel Cihuy, commonly called eminent, my real name is nur fadilah. I work in subuah prusahaan engaged in IT. Blogging is a hobby and the best job because I can pour the paper in the form of stories, experiences, tips and tricks, criticism, suggestions, and discourse and can make me communicate with the Blogger and all the general reading widely and without limit.
Blogging, however, is writing and blogging forever is to make the paper, where we can put the idea or ideas, knowledge, as well as feeling without any limitation of time and space.

My initial pursue blogging in 2009 and was stopped in the years 2010-2011 because busyness education, I began actively blogging again in early 2012 and to date I still pursue such thing as blogging world.

With this tips-me.blogspot.com I hope to share with all buddies and get along well with the readers of this blog. Tips-me is mostly discusses computer technology and the Internet, since the back of my educational background is in the computer field, so I decided to blog on the topic of computer technology and the Internet.

I Have "love" the WordPress platform, but then turn around and give up my love for Blogger. WordPress has now returned to her. I really like tinkering with HTML, XML, CSS, and Javascript, but rather "hurt" with PHP. And kinipun back "deal" with PHP. Coding is one way to express my love in a coded language well understood by browsers (except IE6 down,-or in fact any version of IE as equally frustrating, has standards and rules of CSS "saenake dewe" - = _ =).

Tips-me.blogspot.com is one of my personal blog, some other blogs talking about business, literature, social criticism, education, and teaching and learning English. Currently being gained the confidence to handle and develop several websites and online stores. I also have a love-goals / dreams become IT entrepreneurs (hopefully). Maybe next time, I will mempubliskan website "/ blog that I developed.

BTW thanks karna buddies all have visited my blog, I hope all the fellas want good friends with me on this blog. That's all this about me page, if you have any questions, please ask in the comments. Once again thank you.

All buddies can contact me via facebook account, twitter, google plus and email below:

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Feel free to Contact Me,
Regards,Nur fadilah 
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